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Aion Watches Instructions and policy

If you have purchased an Aion Watch, we warmly welcome you to our family.

Here you will find all the information you need on the handling and maintenance of your Aion Watch.

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-Mechanical self-winding (Seiko NH-35)


How do I set the date and time?
To adjust the time, simply move the crown to -2nd position- and turn the minute hand clockwise or counterclockwise until reaching the exact time.
To adjust the date, the crown can be moved to -1st position- and rotated unidirectionally until the desired date is reached.
For more details on setting the date and time safely click here

How do I charge my automatic Aion Watch?
Aion automatic features an automatic winding, date from the movement of the wrist, with a 41-hour reserve; therefore it is sufficient to wear it to guarantee the continuity of the charge. In any case, it is advisable to rotate the crown*  for a few moments before removing the watch in the evening or in any case occasionally during the day to ensure maximum power reserve and prevent of inactivity of the wrist cause the hands to discharge and stop. 
(*in normal position)

Here you will find complete movement instructions

Is Aion watch waterproof?
The new Aion Watch has gaskets that protect it up to 3 ATM, so daily use will not damage it, but immersion or water at high temperatures is not recommended.

Is my watch really unique?
Being a product made in 3D printing and not in series, each watch is created and assembled with artisan attention! In fact, to ensure maximum quality, our components are molded one at a time; this means that every single case, back and bezel requires a very long time to be produced but the final result benefits from it. 3D printing does not require molds and multiple injections but goes to create the components layer by layer and this means that each watch is unique, it is in fact normal that two Aion Watches can present very slight differences which give them uniqueness but do not affect the performance of the watch. 'clock.

Is the material resistant? Can it create allergies?
The material used is a high resistance biocompatible composite, this gives it extreme lightness but at the same time rigidity. Since PLA is a natural polymer, you will be surprised by its comfort and hypoallergenicity; the carbon fibers give it strength, but contact with surfaces that can cause scratches or surface damage should in any case be avoided. The thermal resistance of the product is high and it easily tolerates even stressful daily situations.

Return Policy
In the rare event if you are not satisfied with the product, please contact our customer support to get the necessary return instructions.

For more details, visit the "shipping and returns" page

The warranty does not cover damage caused by water or misuse of the product. The watch and its packaging must be intact and in its original condition, otherwise the return may be refused.


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