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Who we are

Aion Watch was born as a project in 2019 and as a brand officially in 2021, founded by the designer Francesco Perusi, with the aim of bringing high-tech watches to the market using cutting-edge composite materials and unconventional technologies in order to guarantee a highly original and different from any other timepiece on the market.

The first model: Pure Element led to the landing on Kickstarter in October 2020. Following the achievement of the required milestone, the actual production began and in April 2021 the finished products were delivered.

From here the landing, a few months later at the national Italian watch fair "Watches of Italy" held at the Orsi museum in Tortona with the positive involvement of magazines such as "La Stampa" and "Il sole 24 ore" as well as sector magazines such as "La Clessidra" and "The Clock".

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Why choose Aion Watch ?

The uniqueness that characterizes our timepieces is something really hard to find elsewhere. Not only for the technology and for the material .. In Aion Watch the difference is made by the mentality, the desire to always look for something new and unique for our customers. Precisely for this reason the slogan is Be the Movement!  

Why 3D printing ?

This particular technology, used almost exclusively for prototyping, is actually, in recent years, becoming increasingly popular also at an industrial level thanks to the evolution in the material field. Its speed of transition between 3D model and final product is very simple but from the production point of view it has limits in quantity and print volume.

Its strong point, however, is certainly the ADDITIVE technology: the layers superimposed on each other make up the final object. This allows, unlike a subtractive or injection method, to work also on the "invisible" interior of the piece, producing a hexagonal or reticular weft that allows to further contain weight and material.

Hence the possibility of producing an automatic watch of only 25g, and a quartz of 15g (+ strap)


Our continuous mission is to create unique objects, never seen before and to challenge innovation with atypical, performing and environmentally friendly tools, technologies and materials. The latter always remains a continuous focus within our design and production which will be carried out in the most conscious way possible.


Exploration and curiosity have always pushed man to innovate, and this is the spirit that embodies Aion Watch: the desire to seek new challenges and bring products to man's wrist to be truly proud of.

Through different design choices, our company aims to become a reference point for a different type of product, performing, affordable and UNIQUE.

Places and addresses

Company Name: Aion Watch di Perusi Francesco

Address: Via San Rocco 8 / A, Verona, Italy

VAT number: 04811360231


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