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TSC detail cut

Carbon TSC®

Carbon TSC® is a technologically advanced composite.
Not a simple forged carbon, but a high-performance aerospace-derived material.

An ordered system of very thin 90 micron carbon sheets (as thick as a hair), compressed at very high pressure and controlled temperature.
They make it a highly performing and unique composite.

10 times stronger than stainless steel but5 times lighter and 3 times lighter than titanium.

Only one laboratory in the world produces this splendid jewel of technology, and we have brought it to a watch.

What are the differences with forged carbon?

 Unlike common forged carbon, where the fibers are arranged randomly, 

Carbon TSC® is composed of an ordered system of very thin carbon sheets arranged in parallel and oriented at 45 degrees.

The difference that emerges is an increased resistance of the200%

In addition it is hypoallergenic and highly insulating (for this reason it is also used for x-ray machines and in the aerospace sector) as well as resistant to acids and completely stainless.

Producing this advanced material requires tremendous skill and

Andexperience as well as numerous steps:

- PREPARATIONAND: 90 micron prepreg sheets come sov juxtaposed with an orderly schemeto 45°, this will ensure unparalleled resistance

- PRESSING: the compound undergoes a process at high pressure and temperature, this will crystallize the resin and the sheets in a single very rigid material

- PRE-PROCESSING: the semi-finished product is cut into plates of the correct size to allow the subsequent removal of material using numerically controlled cutters

- CNC MACHINING: the piece is milled into its final shape by mechanical removal with diamond cutters. To carry out this operation, high-precision machinery and a great deal of experience are required.
In fact, only one laboratory in the world produces this material.

A note for the environment:

The carbon used is recycled carbon and the resins used are natural.
Furthermore, green energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar energy is used in each phase of the production of the piece and to power the machinery.
We love innovation, but we also love our planet.
This is why we always adopt conscious choices and materials that marry our ideals.

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